Quality policy

SAKOP Sp. z o.o. adheres to the program aimed at continuous improvement of quality and commits itself to meet expectations of customers and to achieve own objectives by implementation of the following motto:


It means that all delivered mix of products, such as kits for making joints of electric power, control, telecom and tyrecab cables and conductors, electric engineering appliances and subassemblies as well as all services in the field of repairs and overhauls of equipment and appliances for electric power systems, sets of rechargeable batteries, cable buried lines and wired overhead electric traction networks must be of superior quality to achieve satisfaction of customers during the entire lifetime of equipment operation.

Managers of the Company are continuously attempting to improve quality of delivered products by:

•    improvements in technologies of manufactured products and provided services,
•    implementation of all available novelties in pace with the state-of-arts in manufacturing of offered products and provided services
•    enhancing competences and skills of personnel involved in all jobs at any workplaces

Our overwhelming objective is to achieve satisfaction of customers with quality of delivered products and completed services.

To achieve that objective all aspects of the company’s operation are governed by the Quality Management System based on the PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 standard.

The Managing Board is in position that involvement and co-operation of all the entire personnel and their contribution to quality assurance is the key provision to reach satisfactory level of production excellence. Managers of all levels are obliged to promote such quality supporting attitudes.

The Managing Board of the company guarantees that Quality Policy is clear, has been properly implemented and is maintained at all organizational units whilst measurable quality objectives stipulated by such Policy shall be subjected to scheduled revisions with regard to their validity and adequacy. 

The Managing Board assumes full responsibility for implementation and day-by-day adherence to the Quality Policy whilst the full authorities in surveillance on implementation of the Quality Management System are handed over to the Quality Manager of the company.